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Join us with fun, inspirational & easy to follow workout programs to transform your total body, anytime, anywhere, at every age! JumpSport Fitness — Where Fitness Meets Fun!

Bouncing shapes, firms, and tones your glutes, legs, and core all at the same time. Throw in resistance bands or kettlebells and you’ve got a total body workout. Focus in on one area, combine strength training with cardio, or enhance your balance with a wide variety of videos to choose from.

Barre, Dance, HIIT, Resistance, Cardio, Yoga — choose workouts that interest you, or try something new all on your fitness trampoline.

Our certified fitness instructors know how to have fun. Their enthusiasm is contagious and their tips help the novice or advanced bouncer.

Access on your favorite mobile devices, and on your desktop or laptop. Watch on your TV using Apple TV, Roku, or cast your workout from your iOS device to your TV with AirPlay (for Apple TV) or Chromecast.

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline (any model)
Handle Bar (optional)
Flat Resistance Bands (optional)
Trampoline sox or shoes (optional)
• 2 lb, 5 lb, and/or 10 lb Kettlebells (optional)
• The drive to bounce, sweat, and have fun!

Subscribers get unlimited access to all workout videos as well as new training programs we add regularly.

  • Free Previews
    11 videos

    Free Previews

    11 videos

    Get bouncing on JumpSport Fitness TV with our latest programming. From Barre to Cardio, there is something designed just for you. Watch the free previews and then test drive a free trial!

  • Introductory Workouts for Beginners

    6 videos

  • Circuit Training

    6 videos

  • Essential Cardio

    10 videos

    Low-impact and high-intensity workouts that burn calories faster than other types of exercise. The American Council on Exercise proved that cardio exercise on a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline is 33% more efficient than similar activities like running, with participants feeling that the workout was ...

  • Barre-Inspired Balance

    4 videos

    The ideal combination of flexibility, toning, and cardio that utilizes the handlebar. Learn to engage your core and enhance your posture with energizing sequences of dynamic functional movements and strengthening static holds. The soft bed of the trampoline enhances the effect of any barre activity.

  • Personal Training with Abbie Appel

    13 videos

    Abbie coaches you through Tababta-style, circuit and HIIT workouts.

  • Strength & Resistance

    11 videos

    Choose from toning to explosive exercises that increase your heart rate, burn calories fast, and improve your strength. Try resistance band, kettle bell, or body weight workouts that develop all of your major muscle groups, burn body fat, and build power.

  • PlyoFit Plyometric Training

    4 videos

    Exponentially increase the versatility of the trampoline platform by elevating it to a plyometric trampoline. PlyoFit and PlyoFit Pro workouts are excellent for targeting specific muscle groups and doing sport-specific training.

  • Trampoline Yoga

    2 videos

    Abbie and Emilee show how the Fitness Trampoline can be used in yoga practice.

  • RompyRoo Learning Adventure Series

    11 videos

  • Workouts in Español

    5 videos

  • Workouts in Français

    8 videos

  • Workouts in Mandarin

    4 videos