Premier Partner Holiday Variety Pack | $7.99

Premier Partner Holiday Variety Pack | $7.99

Try out some of our favorite workouts from our Premier Partners during the holiday season to keep you feeling good as you wrap up 2020.

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In this pack we feature Bounce Society, Fit 7/8, Fit Forte, Perspirology, Earth & Owl, Define Body & Mind, and Barre Centric. There is a variety of levels and modalities, with a couple videos featuring optional weights or a handle bar.

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Premier Partner Holiday Variety Pack | $7.99

7 Videos

  • Level 1 | Cardio Balance | Earth & Owl with Nikki

    Join Earth & Owl for a variety of Trampoline Cardio, Toning, and Yoga classes right in your own living room. Each month, the video library is updated with new videos full of fun and challenging content. Music free workout (play your own music or play her Spotify playlist "Nikki J Hayes").


  • Level 1 | Basic Barre Bounce | Barre Centric with Rachel

    Barre Centric is a boutique fitness studio with 3 locations in Buffalo, NY. We founded our company in 2012, when we were looking for barre classes to take and there were none in the WNY area. Our classes blend the ballet barre with superb choreography and motivating instruction to create maximum ...

  • Level 2 | Total Body Circuit | Perspirology with Katy

    Perspirology is a dance based fitness studio offering one hour, full body industrial strength workouts.
    Join the experience online or at their studio for this musically driven, ever evolving fitness program designed to challenge your cardiovascular and muscular endurance.


  • Level 2 | Total Body Bounce | DEFINE with Henry

    Follow CEO and Founder, Henry Richardson in this total body workout. DEFINE BOUNCE is 80% less stress on the joints and 20% more effective than a treadmill!
    You can experience more workouts like this from HOME at

  • Level 3 | Sculpt Class | Bounce Society with Talia

    Join Bounce Society CEO Talia Boggan for a full body toning class. Always stay at a pace you are comfortable with & feel free to work your way up to the ankle weights.

    Bounce Society Fitness offers cardio dance, sculpt, and HIIT Bounce classes as well as Yoga and floor dance on demand videos...

  • Level 3 | Sizzle Core | FitForte with April

    Fit Forte delivers a variety of trampoline based cardio, body sculpting, muscle lengthening, booty lifting classes wherever you want, whenever you want. Each month, the Fit Forte library is updated with new videos containing workouts full of brand-new choreography, music, and of course challengin...

  • Level 4 | Desert Dance Cardio | Fit 7/8 with Andrea

    Fit 7/8 Studio Owner, Andrea Peña, takes you through 23 minutes of dance choreography that will improve your cardiovascular health, tone muscles, and put a smile on your face. This routine incorporates unique moves at a fast pace that will keep you coming back until you master the full workart.