PlyoFit Plyometric Training

PlyoFit Plyometric Training

Exponentially increase the versatility of the trampoline platform by elevating it to a plyometric trampoline. PlyoFit and PlyoFit Pro workouts are excellent for targeting specific muscle groups and doing sport-specific training.

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PlyoFit Plyometric Training
  • PlyoFit Training - Agility Workout

    Experienced trainers, Steve Carver and Irene McCormick, take you through agility training to help with body movement and hand/eye coordination. This training will also boost sports performance.

    The segments in this Agility workout include warm-up, upper and lower body exercises and core work....

  • PlyoFit Training -Strength Workout Lower Body

    Experienced Trainer Steve Carver introduces multi-benefits of the PlyoFit Adapter in strength training. He also gives tips for getting the most out of a workout.

  • PlyoFit Training - Have A Ball

    Experienced trainer Irene McCormick shows how to boost your PlyoFit Training workout by using an exercise ball. She also talks about increasing the intensity of the workouts by adjusting the PlyoFit Adapter.

  • PlyoFit Training - Workout in the Park

    The Fitness Trampoline with PlyoFit Adapter is rugged and portable, so why not take it to the park and be inspired by the outdoors? Experienced trainers Steve Carver and Irene McCormick discuss the PlyoFit Adapter and its multi-functional workout benefits.