BOUNCE LEVEL 4 is a collection of workout videos that offer expert instruction to Dance, Cardio, and Total Body rebounding exercises.

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  • Level 4 | Dance Cardio | Fit 7/8 with Andrea

    From Fit 7/8 Studios, Andrea Peña leads you through a high-paced, latin rhythm WorkART designed to challenge your body and mind.
    Challenging, dynamic, and artistic classes.
    Music is our gasoline, hence the 7/8 ... and 5, FIT, 7, 8. In addition to bring...

  • Level 4 | Cardio | Lauren Muraski | Bounce At Home

    Join fitness trainer Lauren Muraski for her Bounce Cardio Combo Bounce At Home trampoline workout. This total body cardio workout will get you moving and sweating all in the comfort of your own home.

    Check out more from Lauren:

  • Level 4 | Total Body Tone-Up | Kellie Jerman | Bounce At Home

    Utilizing a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline with attached handle bar, you’ll obtain a true total body workout. Rebounding boosts metabolism and improves your resting metabolic rate, so you can continue to burn calories long after a workout. Another amazing benefit of rebounding is that it positively...

  • Level 4 | Desert Dance Cardio | Fit 7/8 with Andrea

    Fit 7/8 Studio Owner, Andrea Peña, takes you through 23 minutes of dance choreography that will improve your cardiovascular health, tone muscles, and put a smile on your face. This routine incorporates unique moves at a fast pace that will keep you coming back until you master the full workart.

  • Level 4 | Cardio | Nomi Greenman

    Our “Precision Squad” Coaches creatively mix the best functional movements, cardio, and weight training to accomplish a deep muscle burn and endorphin high. Want more cardio? Try our signature Rebound workouts, which includes high intensity cardio on a Mini Trampoline as well as full body conditi...

  • Level 4 | Dance & Sculpt | Fit 7/8 Online with Andrea

    Fit 7/8 Online creator, Andrea Peña, takes you through advanced cardio choreography and strengthening trampoline moves.
    Recommended accessories: Hand weights, resistance bands, towel

    For more from Fit 7/8 Online visit: https://fit78online.com/

  • Level 4 | Advanced Bounce | Fit Forte with Sofia

    Fit Forte delivers a variety of trampoline based cardio, body sculpting, muscle lengthening, booty lifting classes wherever you want, whenever you want. Each month, the Fit Forte library is updated with new videos containing workouts full of brand-new choreography, music, and of course challengin...