FREE Week 3 | Jan 18 - 24, 2021

FREE Week 3 | Jan 18 - 24, 2021

Jan 18 - 24 from our Sweat category
Level 3 | Total Body Interval | PWRHOUSE
Level 4 | HIIT | Trampoline Trim with Tiffany
Level 2 | Tabata Strength | Janelle Mistarz
Level 1 | HIIT | Dustin Ripkins
Level 3 | Total Body HIIT | Ashley

JumpSport Fitness is offering free workouts for the month of January. Each week on Monday we will release 5 new videos for the duration of the week.
Pick and choose from the available levels that fit your mood or intensity for that day!

Follow us on @jumpsportfitness on Instagram for regular reminders and updates on new videos posted.

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FREE Week 3 | Jan 18 - 24, 2021
  • Level 3 | Total Body Interval | PWRHOUSE with Courtney

    PWRHOUSE is a low impact, high intensity, full body experience designed to push you both physically and mentally. Programmed to work your entire body, we promise you’ll smile, sweat, and rebound your way through a heart pounding, beat bumping workout. Leaving you feeling like a PWRHOUSE.

    See mor...

  • Level 4 | HIIT | Tiffany

    Join Fitness Professional Tiffany Marie in a HIIT workout guaranteed to make you sweat. High Intensity Interval Training is only effective when you push yourself to the max during every set while maintaining form. This advanced workout targets your core, glutes, and hamstrings.

  • Level 2 | Tabata Strength | Janella Mistarz | Strength Training Kit

    Seashells & Kettlebells Beach Fitness provides inspiration and guidance so you can be strong and confident in your body through virtual fitness training and healthy lifestyle coaching that you can do from anywhere!

    IG: @seashells_and_kettlebells
    Email: [email protected]

  • Level 1 | HIIT | Dustin Ripkens

    I am professional and a personal fitness trainer dedicated to cultivating a safe, accessible and motivating environment where people from all walks of life feel empowered to reach their highest level of sustainable fitness. I offer high quality, personalized one-on-one training as well as group i...

  • Level 3 | Total-Body HIIT | Ashley

    Join Fitness Professional Ashley Wimoni in this Intermediate HIIT workout. Have fun and challenge yourself with High Intensity Interval Training that delivers a total-body burn that will make you push all the way to the end.