Fit 7/8

Fit 7/8

Ready to get the results you deserve? Combine cardio, tone and strength classes for all body types and goals and you will be able to tighten, tone and strengthen your total body.
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Fit 7/8
  • Level 4 | Dance & Sculpt | Fit 7/8 Online with Andrea

    Fit 7/8 Online creator, Andrea Peña, takes you through advanced cardio choreography and strengthening trampoline moves.
    Recommended accessories: Hand weights, resistance bands, towel

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  • Level 2 | Cardio + Strength | Fit 7/8 with Andrea

    Fit 7/8 Method founder, Andrea Peña, incorporates strength moves throughout basic cardio combos.
    Recommended accessory: Hand weights

  • Level 4 | Desert Dance Cardio | Fit 7/8 with Andrea

    Fit 7/8 Studio Owner, Andrea Peña, takes you through 23 minutes of dance choreography that will improve your cardiovascular health, tone muscles, and put a smile on your face. This routine incorporates unique moves at a fast pace that will keep you coming back until you master the full workart.

  • Level 4 | Dance Cardio | Fit 7/8 with Andrea

    From Fit 7/8 Studios, Andrea Peña leads you through a high-paced, latin rhythm WorkART designed to challenge your body and mind.
    Challenging, dynamic, and artistic classes.
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  • Preview | Level 4 Desert Dance Cardio | Fit 7/8