Low-impact and high-intensity workouts that burn calories faster than other types of exercise. The American Council on Exercise proved that cardio exercise on a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline is 33% more efficient than similar activities like running, with participants feeling that the workout was 10% less strenuous than expected. Get ready to sweat, burn, bounce, and have fun!

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  • Level 1 | Intro to Cardio | Kathy

  • Level 1 | Cardio Basics | Bounce Society with Chelsea

    Bounce Society Fitness co-founder Chelsea Rush takes you through a Quickie version of Bounce 1, their prerequisite routine for all bounce classes. Starting with total-body toning functional movements and ending with a sweat-pumping cardio routine on the trampoline, you'll learn their core moves.

  • Level 1 | Cardio | SanFran Fitness with Claire

    Easy-to-follow cardio moves that build in progression to deliver a total-body workout. A great routine for beginners, this workout can be tailored for the advanced exerciser by simply exaggerating movements and pushing harder into the trampoline.

  • Level 1 | Bounce Cardio | Fit Forte with Brena

    Brena takes you through a beginner sculpting workout that includes barre principles. Extra equipment recommended: Light and medium weights

    Fit Forte delivers a variety of trampoline based cardio, body sculpting, muscle lengthening, booty lifting classes wherever you want, whenever you want. Each...

  • Level 2 | Barre + Bounce | Fit Forte with Sofia

    Sofia integrates barre and bounce exercises into this intermediate workout. Extra equipment recommended: Yoga ball and strap or towel

    Fit Forte delivers a variety of trampoline based cardio, body sculpting, muscle lengthening, booty lifting classes wherever you want, whenever you want. Each mont...

  • Level 2 | Cardio Warmup | Bounce Society with Talia

  • Level 2 | Cardio | Kara & Michelle

    This video teaches you different arm and foot movements you can do while experiencing a great cardio workout on the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline. At the same time, you will be bouncing on a low-impact surface very easy on your joints.

    The handle bar is used to boost your confidence and promote ...

  • Level 2 | Cardio + Tone | SanFran Fitness with Claire

    This longer workout from SanFran Fitness delivers a progressive cardio routine paired with key toning non-bouncing exercises.

  • Level 2 | Cardio Bar | SanFran Fitness with Claire

    Adding a handle bar to your workout opens options for new trampoline moves. Even if you don't have a handle, you can adapt this trampoline workout for a full 45 minute burn.

  • Level 2 | Stability Ball Cardio | SanFran Fitness with Claire

    Your arms will burn when moving the ball around your entire body during this unique workout. With simple steps and arm maneuvers, even the beginner can complete this trampoline workout.

  • Level 2 | Dance Cardio 1 | Kara & Michelle

  • Level 2 | Dance Cardio 2 | Kara & Michelle

  • Level 4 | Dance Cardio | Fit 7/8 with Andrea

    From Fit 7/8 Studios, Andrea Peña leads you through a high-paced, latin rhythm WorkART designed to challenge your body and mind.
    Challenging, dynamic, and artistic classes.
    Music is our gasoline, hence the 7/8 ... and 5, FIT, 7, 8. In addition to bring...

  • Level 4 | Desert Dance Cardio | Fit 7/8 with Andrea

    Fit 7/8 Studio Owner, Andrea Peña, takes you through 23 minutes of dance choreography that will improve your cardiovascular health, tone muscles, and put a smile on your face. This routine incorporates unique moves at a fast pace that will keep you coming back until you master the full workart.

  • Level 2 | VIIT Cardio | Kara & Michelle

  • Level 2 | Total Body 1 of 3 | Krista

    Part1 begins with Warm Up and Basic Bounce then follows with Lateral Movements.

  • Level 2 | Total Body 2 of 3 | Krista

    After warming up, you will be ready to jump into Part 2. Krista leads with the Staggered Stance set, then Jogging Action.

  • Level 2 | Cardio with Resistance Bands | Kara & Michelle

    Join fitness trainers Michelle and Kara on your JumpSport Fitness Trampoline as they demonstrate how you can improve your fitness level combining a challenging cardio workout with resistance band strength training.

    The workout begins with a brief warm up and an overview of the workout exercises ...

  • Level 2 | HIIT Cardio | Kara & Michelle

  • Level 1 | Intro to Bounce | Kara & Michelle

  • Level 2 | Barre Fusion Class | Bounce Society with Talia

    Follow Bounce Society CEO Talia Boggan through some basic bounce movements using your stability handle bar.
    Other equipment: DB weights, weighing between 1lb and 5lbs.
    Talia is 4 months postpartum and all moves are safe with doctors approval.

  • Level 3 | Total-Body | Perspirology with Katy

    Katy, founder of Perspirology, takes you through a cardio and sculpting total-body workout that will get you sweating!
    Recommended accessories: Hand weights and handle bar

    Stream more Perspirology workouts at home:

  • Level 2 | Cardio + Strength | Fit 7/8 with Andrea

    Fit 7/8 Method founder, Andrea Peña, incorporates strength moves throughout basic cardio combos.
    Recommended accessory: Hand weights

  • Level 2 | Cardio | Bounce Society with Sara

    Bounce Society Fitness instructor Sara Grace Archey takes you through a Quickie Bounce. Get right into this cardio routine to get your sweat on!

    Bounce Society Fitness offers cardio dance, sculpt, and HIIT Bounce classes as well as Yoga and floor dance on demand videos on their streaming website...