Advanced & Intermediate Workouts

While our Beginner workouts deliver the fundamentals of bouncing, you're ready to take your bounce to the next level. These Intermediate and Advanced workouts are designed to deliver a total-body workout that's proven to deliver results.

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  • Fit 7/8 Desert Dance Cardio WorkART

    Fit 7/8 Studio Owner, Andrea Peña, takes you through 23 minutes of dance choreography that will improve your cardiovascular health, tone muscles, and put a smile on your face. This routine incorporates unique moves at a fast pace that will keep you coming back until you master the full workart.

  • Perspirology: Bounce Circuit Express

    Perspirology is a dance based fitness studio offering one hour, full body industrial strength workouts.
    Join the experience online or at their studio for this musically driven, ever evolving fitness program designed to challenge your cardiovascular and muscular endurance.


  • Fit 7/8 Advanced Dance Cardio WorkART

    From Fit 7/8 Studios, Andrea Peña leads you through a high-paced, latin rhythm WorkART designed to challenge your body and mind.
    Challenging, dynamic, and artistic classes.
    Music is our gasoline, hence the 7/8 ... and 5, FIT, 7, 8. In addition to bring...

  • Intermediate HIIT Workout with Ashley

    Join Fitness Professional Ashley Wimoni in this Intermediate HIIT workout. Have fun and challenge yourself with High Intensity Interval Training that delivers a total-body burn that will make you push all the way to the end.

  • Advanced HIIT Workout with Tiffany

    Join Fitness Professional Tiffany Marie in a HIIT workout guaranteed to make you sweat. High Intensity Interval Training is only effective when you push yourself to the max during every set while maintaining form. This advanced workout targets your core, glutes, and hamstrings.

  • Bounce Society — Rookie Today

  • Total Body with Krista — Part 1: Warm-up & Cardio

    Part1 begins with Warm Up and Basic Bounce then follows with Lateral Movements.

  • Total Body with Krista — Part 2: Cardio

    After warming up, you will be ready to jump into Part 2. Krista leads with the Staggered Stance set, then Jogging Action.

  • Total Body with Krista — Part 3: Strength & Cool Down

    Finally in Part 3, Krista takes you through Upper Body, Abs and Lower Body exercises. She finishes with a relaxing Cool Down and Stretch routine.

  • Resistance Training - ADVANCED KETTLEBELL